UCRP – Ultimate Candlestick Reversal Pattern. The Best Candlestick Pattern!

UCRP - Ultimate Candlestick Reversal Pattern. The Best Candlestick Pattern!Click Image To Visit SiteAre you NEW to trading? Or maybe just new to candlestick trading? Pretty tough, huh! Candlesticks are among the oldest charts in history and yet finding a way to maximize wins and ‘crack the code’ to this mysterious technique can take YEARS.

No doubt, it can take years to learn any truly successful trading technique but who said it was going to be easy, right? If it were easy – everyone would be doing it (and not just us ‘crazies’ like you and me!).

Over my 25 year trading career, from hobbiest to full-time professional, I’ve encountered ALOT of so-called ‘educators’ that promised me the world when it came to Candlesticks. You know the kind – scammy, ‘fly by night’ operatives full of flashy special effects but no real substance. They took my money (and probably yours) and left me with a broken robot or weak system that you couldn’t hold a candle (pun intended!) in the live markets.

Inevitably, I would cough up the ‘investment’ for the high-priced, high-hyped system and soon come to realize that after months of studying and backtesting this system, I still couldn’t get it *quite right*. Even though I did everything ‘right’ on paper, it still didn’t translate into actual wins in my trading account. What gives?

Like with the EURUSD chart below… it’s either fake triggers or complicated, confusing charts:

Maybe it’s just me in my old age but I just can’t stomach this whole ‘throwing rice at a wall and seeing what sticks’ process to successful trading. Is it so much to ask for a decent, tested system that doesn’t fall apart on the live markets or take a million years to learn??

About a year ago, I got so fed up… Read more…

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